Alexandria Virginia Arson Laws

Arson is defined as a brutal burn of other’s dwelling house or outhouse, which can be an appurtenant either to the dwelling house or in a curtilage. In other words, the charges include not only deliberately burning a person’s house, but also any building or structures on the land adjacent to the house.

Modern legislation generally defines arson as the deliberate or illegal burning of another person’s property (destruction of buildings) or own property (fraud with insurance collection). In this context, Alexandria Virginia Arson Laws distinguish between burning/destroying houses and burning/destroying any other building or structure. To determine the worst form of arsonists – burning homes, the government must first prove that the defendant is either burned or caused to be burned any house or building (such as hotels, hospitals, prisons), in which people reside. Second, the government must prove that the defendant acted with malice, that is, if it was not done intentionally or deliberately, the accused ignored the known and substantial risk of harm to persons or property.

If the dwelling is occupied (not abandoned), a person convicted of a felony will be sentenced to five years in prison and/or a maximum fine of US $100,000. If the dwelling is not occupied, the person will be convicted of a Type 4 felony, imprisoned for a period of two to ten years, and/or fined $100,000. This is supported by the Virginia Criminal Code under the section 18.2-77 of Alexandria Virginia Arson Laws. To secure a conviction for the less severe arson, the buildings or structures’ burning will not correspond to dwelling, and thus the government must prove that the defendant burned or caused damage to the defendant and the defendant acted with cruelty.

If a person who was present in the building or in a house at the time of the act, the convicted person is guilty of Class 3 felony as well as will be liable of more than three years and less than 20 years prison, with fines of up to 100, 000 US dollars. If the act was carried out in the absence of the person, and the value of the property was $ 200 or more, the defendant was convicted of a fine ranging from 2 to 10 years and/or a fine of US $ 100,000. Finally, if no one is present in the building or house at the time of the act, and the value of the property in question is less than $ 200, the defendant becomes a first-level offence. The maximum penalty for the crime is an annual category 1 jail and/or a $ 2,500 fine. All these penalties are clearly explained in the Alexandria Virginia Arson Law, such as the Virginia Criminal Code, section 18.2-80.

According to the Alexandria Virginia Arson Law, burning of a house or a building is a serious crime in the state. if you are facing the costs of arson, contact law firms or your layer immediately as the experienced team of lawyers with years of experience will successfully help you in resolving certain cases in the light of the Alexandria  Virginia Arson Law.