DUI Lawyers in Arlington VA

Arlington DUI. Defenders Arlington DUI defender Although the Commonwealth of Virginia is known to be notorious for its DUI laws, Arlington County is one of the strictest jurisdictions for DUI and DWI fees in Virginia. Both the prosecutors and judges in Arlington County have extremely low tolerance for DUI, which creates an upward struggle for … Read more

Divorce Attorneys Fairfax VA

It’s like trying to solve a problem that you do not have all the pieces for. Who cares there, I ‘m That’s certainly true of our legal system. At the Virginia Family Law Center, we work closely with our clients to help them better understand the legal systems and our philosophy is to guide them. … Read more

Criminal Attorney Fairfax VA

The bill empowers localities to provide that a person convicted of maliciously setting off a fire alarm rather than an emergency is subject to a fine of up to $ 2,500 and/or a year in jail for the person who responds to the fire alarms. Current law allows ordinances to impose fines of $ 1,000 … Read more

Child Custody Attorney Fairfax VA

Most adults can survive the breakdown of a relationship, even a marriage. Some can even resolve or correct the financial problems associated with hiring a divorce lawyer or paying alimony. Relying on proven legal expertise to explain a child custody problem. Relying when the children themselves risk becoming a bargaining chip in the equation. When … Read more

Alimony in Virginia

Upkeep in Virginia: In every aspect of your life, divorce brings with it many painful scenarios. In fact, the emotional experience can be so stressful that you experience physical side effects. Or maybe you are more inclined to notice the financial impact of a divorce. Regardless of how you see your upcoming separation, divorce will … Read more

Evidence In Newport News Speeding Cases

The most common method used by officers to determine whether someone is driving too fast in Newport News is to use special devices such as RADAR or LIDAR or the speed of the target vehicle. If you are quoted using one of these methods, call a Newport News Speed Ticket lawyer to look at your … Read more

Demerit Point System And Newport News Traffic Tickets

The Uniform Demerit Point System in Virginia is a system for assessing fault points for driving records, and as the Newport News traffic attorney can explain, anyone with a Virginia driver’s license is included in the system. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) assigns a certain number of points to each possible offence. The list … Read more

Dale City Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Getting a ticket for speeding can be frustrating, but solid representation for your speeding can help you avoid the negative penalties associated with a guilty verdict and avoid having to defend yourself in court. If you are cited for speeding, depending on the speed limit, ticket amount, and type of speeding, you could face a … Read more

Chesterfield Uniform Demerit Point System

The Demerit Uniform Points System is a point-by-value evaluation conducted by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. If convicted of negligent bodily harm, Virginia DMV transfers the driver’s license, license plate and vehicle registration to a new driver. Points will be awarded for each infringement. Scores range anywhere from 3 to 6 points, with the … Read more

Attempt To Elude An Officer In Mecklenburg

An attempt to evade an official in Mecklenburg is defined by municipal law as follows: “If a person, after receiving a visible or audible signal from a law enforcement officer to stop a motor vehicle, does not direct it in the direction of the official, he will direct the motor vehicles. The officer gives the … Read more