Evidence In Newport News Speeding Cases

The most common method used by officers to determine whether someone is driving too fast in Newport News is to use special devices such as RADAR or LIDAR or the speed of the target vehicle. If you are quoted using one of these methods, call a Newport News Speed Ticket lawyer to look at your case and discuss your options.

Officers use speed measuring instruments to determine how fast a vehicle is travelling. In addition to the instruments, there are special papers that indicate the speed and history of the device, including when it was last serviced. If the results of a speed are deemed accurate enough to be admissible in court, a piece of paper indicates when the parts on the paper were last calibrated and serviced, as well as the date and time. However, there is certain information that needs to be included as it is collected in a very specific way under the Newport News Speed Ticket Law.

A good speed offender knows what to look out for in the papers to ensure that the protocol is strictly followed. It is very easy for people to believe that they are not going fast, but it is not so easy to prove in court that this belief really should underpin anything. If this was not the case, there are grounds for dismissing the charges.

The official, on the other hand, had more evidence on his side. That is not really the word of the official, but that of a police officer.

The officer can prove that the machine has been properly calibrated, maintained and used. The word on his papers is what it says. There is no doubt that the speed at which the officer was driving was correct. Any law enforcement officer in Virginia can tell you that if they were always monitoring traffic, using traffic cameras and using their own equipment, they would not drive too fast, speeding vehicles, setting speed traps, etc.