Sexual Battery Law In Richmond Virginia

Sexual Battery Law:

It is very important to know about the sexual battery law to save yourself from many penalties. Every state has its own sexual battery statute. Some states use the word sexual battery where the others can use the words of sexual assault or the rape. In Richmond Virginia, the term sexual battery is used.

This crime is defined as a touching to a person where his or her consent is not included and the offender just wants to fulfill his or her sexual desire. It can also include the different terms such as touching the private parts of the victim’s body, try to the sexual conduct as a grouping etc. to be a sexual battery in Virginia. The conduct of any sexual activity is the first part of the charge that can be converted into a harsh penalty. The crime and its penalties can create a bad impact on your reputation in the society because the sexual battery law is very strict in Virginia.


There are the following categories of the sexual battery that is as follow

1st Category – The Use Of Force:

The first category of the it is the use of force. Normally all state considered sexual contact a sexual battery that is forced. In this type, the person will use any physical or mental violence to perform any sexual act with a victim.

2nd Category – Sexual Battery Relates To Victims:

In the second category, it can be related to the victim with a limited capacity of his or her mental level. If the victim defects mentally and he or she is not able to consent then the sexual act performed by the offender will be considered as a sexual battery crime. It can destroy the mental station of the victim that’s why they are treated in a better way.

3rd Category – Sexual Battery Involves The Victim Age:

In this category, the age of a victim is very important for the case. Every state set their limitation of the age for any consent. In Virginia, a child under the age of 15 has no right to give their consent on any type of sexual acts. If the defender will do so he or she will face the harsh charge. This category is only based on the age of the victim.

Penalties For Sexual Battery Law In Virginia:

Its law is very strict in Virginia, if any person tries to break the laws then they have to face the harsh penalties that can disturb or destroy their life. There are different penalties on the charge that are as follow.

  • The person can face the felony charge that comes with more than 20 years in prison.
  • The person may need to pay a big fine
  • The person will be registered as a sex offender in the database of government registry

These penalties can affect the life of offender badly. So to get the proper defense against the charge you must hire an attorney who will guide you about its law in Richmond Virginia properly.