Soliciting Prostitution Charges in Virginia

A solicitation is an act of offering a prostitute a money in exchange for committing sexual acts. The act of solicitation is different from prostitution, as in prostitution the individual offers the sexual activity in exchange for money. In many parts of the world, the act of solicitation and prostitution is not an illegal activity. However, both solicitation and prostitution are considered as the severe crimes in Virginia. Moreover, soliciting prostitution possesses severe charges which have strict punishments for the individuals involved in such acts.

In Virginia, solicitation and prostitution are the severe moral crimes. According to soliciting prostitution charges in Virginia, if an individual is involved in the act of soliciting the prostitution then he or she will be accused of class one misdemeanor. The class one misdemeanor punishments include the fine of up to one year and up to 12 months imprisonment. Along with soliciting prostitution charges in Virginia, there are other charges in which the person can be accused of solicitation such as pandering. Pandering which is typically known as “pimping” is an act of getting money from involving some other person into the sexual activity. It is a type of human trafficking and the punishments are more severe regardless of the fact that the person is not directly involved in the sexual activity. The act of pimping involves the class four felony charges.

In Virginia code sections §18.2-346 -18.2-359 it is stated that offering money for a sexual act or offering sexual act for money will have serious charges in which the individual have to bear severe punishments. Moreover, getting charged and arrested for the soliciting prostitution charges in Virginia will also result in damaging the reputation of the person. The damaged reputation can have serious consequences such as adverse effects on professional career and social relationships. The individual accused of soliciting prostitution charges in Virginia also goes through severe depression and stress, as the society also not consider him as a person with ethical and moral values.

The soliciting prostitution charges in Virginia gets more severe when it involves the minor prostitute to be solicited. The soliciting person will then be charged for class five to six felony in which he or she can be punishable for up to 10 years. Getting charged with class five six felony adversely affect the life of a person. Therefore, it is necessary for the individual with soliciting prostitution charges in Virginia to have legal help for the defense in the court. An experienced Virginia sex lawyer can help the person in preventing severe charges of solicitation.

Once the individual gets charged with the crime of solicitation in Virginia, it will result in the development of a permanent criminal record. The record affects the life of an individual in an adverse manner. Therefore, if you are convicted of the crime of solicitation, do not take it lightly as it is a matter of your reputation and career. Consulting sex crimes’ lawyer with the knowledge of sex crimes and the related charges and penalties will be helpful for you in getting out of the situation. The lawyer can develop a strong defense against the charges which will thereby help you in avoid the convictions.