Unlawful vehicle modifications Henrico Virginia

What Are the Unlawful Vehicle Modifications in Henrico Virginia

Residents of Henrico Virginia tends to love their motor vehicles. Some of them love their vehicles to an extent that they opt to modify them in several ways. If you are a resident of Henrico Virginia or you may be planning to move there, then you must be familiar with the regulations about unlawful vehicle modification in Henrico Virginia. A few of the vehicle modifications are subtle such as a light window tint. On the other hand, several vehicle modification are severe as they can be seen or heard right away on the road. This can include darker window tints, modification of exhaust system of the vehicle, which is mostly done for the purpose of drag racing, or modifying the appearance of the vehicle with the addition of neon lights to the bottom of the car. All these drastic vehicle modifications are unlawful in Henrico Virginia. Therefore, it is extremely important to know about the unlawful vehicle modifications in Henrico Virginia in order to make sure that your truck or car is only modified to a certain level, which does not makes it illegal for the roads of Henrico Virginia.

According to the traffic laws of Henrico Virginia, you can get a traffic ticket for unlawful vehicle modification in Henrico Virginia for violating the laws that regulate vehicle specifications and vehicle equipment. A few major unlawful vehicle modifications, which can result in a traffic ticket are:

  • Adding non-standard lighting such as lights under the vehicle especially neon under glow lights.
  • Modification or complete removal of emission or air pollution control device.
  • Alteration in ground clearance of vehicle including both lowering and raising of trucks or cars.
  • Completely removing sound control devices such as mufflers from the vehicle.
  • Dark window tinting particularly tinting of windshield or both front windows.

Therefore, if you are driving a vehicle with any of above unlawful vehicle modifications in Henrico Virginia, it will be considered as a valid reason for a patrol officer to pull you over. It does not matter whether you are guilty or not, no one likes to get pulled over. Considering the modifications, which are unlawful in Henrico Virginia, there are many factors that officer can consider as a violation to the traffic laws. Most common factors that any patrol office may look for include window tinting, modification of sound and noise control system, installation of after-market lights, frame and suspension modifications and engine modifications. You can get a traffic ticket for a mechanical violation if the patrol officer consider your vehicle to have unlawful modifications in Henrico Virginia. Getting a traffic ticket means you have to pay the fine and will be penalized with the DMV demerit points against your driving license for operating a vehicle with unlawful modifications in Henrico Virginia. A traffic ticket usually includes a court time and date and probably the amount of the fine.