Virginia Reckless Driving Class 1 Misdemeanor

In Virginia, the offense of reckless driving is regarded as a Class 1 misdemeanor, harsher than a minor infraction. Virginia reckless driving Class 1 misdemeanor include one year of jail imprisonment, a monetary fine of $2,500, and suspension of license for up to six months. In addition, when you are issued a traffic ticket for reckless driving, you will also get some demerit points on your license which will remain as a record for a long time. A person will be considered guilty of reckless driving if he exceeds the speed limit on the highway or causes injury to another person.

People who are charged for reckless driving wonder whether they will be treated more harshly. The state authorities always ensure full adherence to the traffic laws and apprehend those who violate them. This type of offense has become common in the state since many teenagers fall victim to Virginia reckless driving Class 1 misdemeanor charge. If you are charged for the first time in Virginia, it doesn’t mean that your case will be dismissed or you refrain from facing court conviction. Though you may not be treated aggressively, your reputation will definitely be defamed once you face the jail time. Besides, your parent and friends would also suffer humiliation, and you will lose your driving privilege as well as you will be at risk for employment. Therefore, in this situation, it is always prudent to consult a traffic attorney in the state who is well acquainted of Virginia reckless driving Class 1 misdemeanor.

Since reckless driving is considered as a criminal offense in the state, the police fight to the bitter end to probe against this offense in a strict manner. When you hire a lawyer, you must know that his experience in winning the cases is relevant to your case. The lawyer will first thoroughly examine your case and then find valid evidence in your defense. Once you are charged for reckless driving, you are given ample time to prepare your case until the court’s first hearing. In between, you have the best opportunity to seek the assistance of a traffic lawyer because the lawyer also needs some time to build a strong case of Virginia reckless driving Class 1 misdemeanor. Sometimes the lawyer appears for hearing on your behalf because he knows how the judge and the prosecutor can manipulate your case to prove you guilty. If you are the first time offender, the lawyer’s first choice is to propose a plea deal to the prosecutor to dismiss the case at its initial stage. He also strives to ask questions to the judge and police authorities to know which direction your case is being probed.

When the judge determines your conviction, he also reviews your previous driving record as well as number of tickets you received to pass a strong verdict. However, if you get the support of a lawyer, there is a chance that your years of jail time can be reduced and other fines can be mitigated. Therefore, consultation with a lawyer will always be in the best defense of you because it is only the lawyer who can understand Virginia reckless driving Class 1 misdemeanor in a much better way.