What is credit card abuse and how is it a criminal offense in Virginia

Credit card abuse is known to be of the fact that there are a number of criminal offenses in Virginia that include theft or fraud by using credit cards. Credit card abuse in Virginia is a serious crime and has serious penalties. Common credit card violations in Virginia include credit card theft, credit card fraud, as well as a number of other specific criminal activities.
Credit card theft in Virginia:

The abuse of credit card thefts is one of the most common of Virginia credit card offenses Virginia credit card crimes related to theft apply to both credit cards and credit card numbers. Credit card theft charges can be charged in Virginia under law. Code ยง18.2-192 as a result of:
Take a credit card without the cardholder’s consent

  • Find out about your stolen credit card receipt
  • Learn to receive a missing or incorrect credit card
  • The issuer sells a credit card Buy a non-issuer credit card Receive 2 or more signed credit cards issued for two or more persons within 12 months

Credit Card Fraud in Virginia

There are a number of Virginia credit card offenses involving credit card abuse. The credit card fraud is committed when the criminal uses a credit card to obtain something of value for wrong purposes. They are charged with a crime of, depending on the value of the goods obtained wrongly. If the value of goods lost as a result of cheating is less than $ 200 in a 6 month period, it is a misdemeanor. If the value exceeds $ 200 in a 6-month period, it will be charged as a felony.

The culprit can be charged with credit card fraud in Virginia for any of the following acts: Know how to use a stolen or lost credit card or number in Virginia, using someone else’s credit card without permission Get something valuable with a non-issued credit card.

Possession of credit card fraud devices:

It is a criminal offense in Virginia to own credit card fraud machines. The section provides that if a person other than the cardholder has one or more incomplete credit cards with the intention of completing it without the consent of the concerned exporter, it is considered a class 6 offense punishable by 5 Years in prison. It is also a category 6 crime under the law.

Illegal use of credit card scanners:

Another code criminalizes the wrong use of credit card scanning devices. Section code provides that if the criminal uses a scanner or re-encoder on another person’s credit card, with wrong intention and without permission of card holder and if he is guilty of a Category 1 crime. Distributing or selling information obtained wrongly or a scanning or re-coding device is a category 6 criminal offense under law, which is also a category 6 felony for the use of information obtained by a scanning device or re-coding in the chance of an offense.